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English Day

Vloženo: 6. dubna v 12:00

Platnost do: 31. srpna v 23:59

English Day

The English day is a kind of celebration which takes place at our school every year.
This year (April 1st) the main topic was The Great Britain and students from Septima and Sexta classes prepared lessons for the rest of the school.

One of the performances was named the English Dark Ages which taught students something about the history. Another Performance was named the Virtual tour which provided a unique and futuristic option for students to view the most famous points of interest and landmarks Great Britain. Other amazing topics took place, students amazed us with the following shows: Sherlock Holmes, English music, Tea Party, British Food, Rounders, Escape room, The Royal family and English movies.
We had great stalls full of English food, the stronger students enjoyed an arm wrestling and the food lovers were excited by Banana eating game.
I hope that the tradition continues with future generations.